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Alliance Manchester Business School

University of Manchester ambitious plans to become one of the world’s top 25 research Universities by 2020 have driven the decision for the refurbishment of the Business School. The project aimed to provide the physical infrastructure with the world-leading facilities required to compete on global stage.
The Executive Education building is co-located alongside the new hotel block and opposite the main Business School entrance. The Exec Ed building is a light weight steel ‘pavilion’ construction with separate mechanical and electrical services to the adjacent hotel. The building offers a reception, dining and café/bar spaces on ground floor. The upper levels contain ancillary accommodation, conference and meeting rooms.

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Lighting Design

I joined the project on RIBA Stage 3 and was responsible for developing the lighting concept to the detailed design stage, liaise with all parties including the client to develop the design criteria and produce detailed documentation for both Stage 3 and for the Planning Submission.


I organised several site visits and short light surveys to understand and become familiar with the wider context of the site. I also attended brief sessions with the client and members of the university to make sure any design proposal will reflect and address all staff and student requirement. The key focus of the design was to express the university’s aspiration to drive future research and to be a flexible and future-proof space for the activities of the Business School.

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Technical Design

Following the successful discharge of planning conditions, I took the lead of moving forwards to the technical design stage of the design and produce detailed documentation such as lighting layouts, luminaire schedules and lighting specification including control strategy. Where appropriate, the building was designed to maximise the use of natural light with the use of PIR/occupancy sensors and the relevant control system.

In the meantime, I was responsible of developing a CDM registry with primary duty to assess the impact of the design on health and safety, design out significant hazard wherever reasonably practical, reduce residual risk to lower level and communicate the assessments to all concerned and wider design team.

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Lighting Role

As a lighting lead on this project, I worked closely with an assistant designer, drafted programme and list of tasks in accordance with the wider design programme and did monitor time and fee spent for both. It was my responsibility to report directly to the project manager for time and fee related issues and try to resolve them by using the relevant resources.

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