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Heatherwood Hospital

The redeveloped Heatherwood Hospital is designed to treat 168,000 patients a year, double the number of the previous facility.

The design is inspired by the woodland setting of Heatherwood Estate and has engineered timber cladding on the top floor facade with large windows that provide tree-top views to help create a place of wellbeing and recovery.

Giorgos was responsible for developing the general and emergency lighting design strategies for all areas of the hospital during RIBA Stage 3. He was involved in extensive stakeholder engagement meetings to understand the needs and vision of the Trust in order to deliver a contemporary and sustainable facility that will meet the project requirements as well as provide a warm and comfortable place for patients and staff.


Following the successful sign off of the Stage 3 lighting proposals, Giorgos took the lead of developing full RIBA Stage 4 technical design including lighting drawings in BIM environment, lighting schedule, specification and lighting controls matrix documents.

During the construction stage, Giorgos had to input in several design team meetings with all other professions and assist in resolving coordination issues and on-site contractor queries.

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